Noun. A Giro cheque. A payment of Jobseekers Allowance in the UK. The said jiggy must needs be taken to a Post Office and cashed, in order to receive benefits from the government whilst unemployed, especially if the recipient of the Jobseekers' does not have a bank account. Also known as a Beer Voucher. It causes one to jig in jubilation after having lived on beans for the last twelve days.
Aah, great! Me jiggy's arrived. Cash that in and get pissed me thinks.
by Mr. Logic Again October 21, 2013
Taking a big fat shit. A dump that is above average in size and smell.
Dude, I just left a jiggy in that bathroom.
by catnipfiend55 August 14, 2014
The police
the man
Man the jigggies are down the street, bussin.
by lisasohot April 29, 2005
1: Down with or Okay
2: Bad or Farked Up
3: The puzzle peice known throughout the Banjo-Kazooie series
4: Iggy, with a "J" sound at the beginning
5: short for Jigsaw
1: I'm jiggy, you jiggy?
2: I just took a hella jiggy shit

Banjo the Bear: Hey, the last Jiggy!
Iggy Koopa: |34(|< 0|=|=, 5|-|17|-|34|),1 12 31337 (Back off, Shithead, I am too elite!
4: Jiggy Koopa is wrong, for some reason
5: Pass me that jiggy peice, will ya?
by your best idiot April 06, 2010
TITS, Hooters, Titties, Honkers, melons, Boobies, Knockers, Dirty Pillows, Happy sacks, Breasts
"Thats why you got titties..."
"I'ma go to my GIRLFRIEND'S house and suck her titties..."
"I've sucked a girls jiggie..."
"YEAH, I say that ALL the time"
"No you don't bert..."
by Azurebaijan February 13, 2005
The act of shooting up meth into ones' body.
1)Let's get JIGGY my niggy.
2)JIG out wit ya rig out.
3)Rigged up and JIGGED out.
by 1jiggyniggy October 17, 2012
A slang term created by Will Smith (based off the racial slur jigaboo) meaning staying loose and hip.
Let's stick up the world and split it 50-50, uh huh
Let's take the dough and stay real jiggy, uh huh
Let's sip the Cris and get pissy pissy
Flow infinitely like the memory of my nigga Biggie, baby!
You know its hell when I come through
The life and times of Shawn Carter nigga Volume 2
~ Jay-Z
by Mike720 November 29, 2006

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