An exclamation - expression of surprise.
"Jiggers, it's the fuzz!!"
by Anonymous August 15, 2002
A penis. Usually used when referring to a prepubescent penis.
Little Jimmy was a retarted boy so he often got his jigger caught in his zipper when he took a piss.
by danmk November 05, 2006
a car, used in Longford, Ireland.
me jigger's busted ! - my car has broken down
by greasy23 July 04, 2006
See also wapanese.
A chinesa wapannesa Disco!
by Fusion October 02, 2003
A man born into the jewish religion of black race.
Dude, yous a jigger.
by Ray. April 10, 2006
name given to a person on ecstasy
Man that dude a jigger
by sookie July 19, 2005
a jewish nigger

see daniel there, he is such a jigger
by T!TS MAGEE July 10, 2008

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