One who is hunted by a Jig Hunter. If there is ever a victor and loser, hunter and prey there is a jig hunter and a jig. The victim is the jig.
I am playing a game and my opponent is winning. He is the jig hunter and I am the Jig. I somehow manage to turn the tables, and the jig hunter becomes to jig hunted. I am now the Jig Hunter and he is the Jig.
by JuT October 20, 2003
Top Definition
a nigger/black people
look at those jigs
by mrstiffy February 21, 2004
a little dance
hey monkey boy do a little jig
by exstremeelvis.com December 04, 2002
In the carnival industry, this is used as a derogatory word for black people. (Short for "Jigaboo")
That damn jig stole a teddy bear from my game!
by Steve Sandell December 18, 2008
In the south jig is a kind of dance, or to take ecstacy.
1) At the party Kassie started saying "jig, jig, jig" and everyone started to jig.
by Kassie Clark February 08, 2005
(Australian slang) to skip school or class, the act of truanting
"I jigged the anatomy lecture today"
by celine July 05, 2005
A device for guiding a tool or for holding machine work in place.
"The cabinet maker clamped the piece of wood to the jig that he uses to guide the router around the edges of the wood."
by zapple August 30, 2006
A fishing lure which gets it's action from jigging the fishing pole while reeling in. Mostly used for bass.
"That's a nice bass jig you got there, Scooter. Where'd you get it, Cletus's Bait Shop?"
by zapple August 30, 2006
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