A reference term used to describe drugs, specifically club drugs such as ectasy or cocaine. Often young white males approach others asking for these as a code to medical students and such.
Dude, I was about to head to ampersand but then i forgot where da jigs at!?
by TheImpossibleKid April 07, 2008
Where I come from to jig is to stab someone
"Yo that nigga got jigged last night"
by Peachez June 09, 2004
your grill; your personal space; your bubble
dude, get off ma jig!
by SimpsonChips! July 30, 2009
A JIG is a dirty, stink ass, drunk Native American.
ie: All JIGs are dirty, stink ass, and drunk.
by jhgghghglgfk October 21, 2008
A very racist term refering to any race, but only one race at a time. Used if in mid-sentence and decided not to say nigger, spic, wetback etc.
"You a a fucking jig."
by Jimmy D and the Nuggets November 23, 2007
A Sexi dance, when done by a guy.
A dance from Baton Rouge.
A dance done with or without Extacy.
"Jig, Jig, Jig"
"People don't dance nomore, all they do is Jig"
by s1parkle November 01, 2005
illegal alien...usually from Mexico or somewhere in South America.
That wetback ain't nothing but a jig.
by Earl the Redneck Cracker September 16, 2009

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