illegal alien...usually from Mexico or somewhere in South America.
That wetback ain't nothing but a jig.
by Earl the Redneck Cracker September 16, 2009
a niggers craving for a menthol cigarette.
Hey brotha do ya got a jig?
Nah man get the fuck off my hood!
by BDUB AND DMAN March 07, 2007
A girl who is willing to explore her sexual fantasies with more than one guy.
We all fucked that girl last night, she's definately a Jig.
by Dev B Tha Truth February 09, 2008
Weed packed into a cigarett as to smoke a joint only disguised as a cigarett
"Six flags is pretty neat, wanna spark up those jigs now?"

"fa sho"
by goDie September 04, 2007
sex or something sexy,
Get your Jig on!!!!!
by Hackmysack October 23, 2007
a marijuana cigarette
a joint
"Yo spark that jig, Jenny."
by katherine;) August 14, 2007
See also 'Jigaboo'. A person of African descent usually well honed in the martial arts like Williams from 'Enter the Dragon'
'Hey, this jigs gotta passport'
'Where ya goin jig?'
'Hong Kong via Hawaii'
'He aint going to Hawaii'

Slightly stupid police men produce batons swiftly followed by an ass beating for the cops who have messed with the wrong jig
by John Inglis' Tan March 06, 2003

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