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The act of fleeing from a crime or evading the police.

"After robbing the liquor store and having his tires blown by the police during the high speed chase, the coon ditched and went on a 5 minute nigger run through the brush before police finally caught him."
by zapple August 27, 2006
The taking over of an otherwise peaceful neighborhood by niggers.
"This used to be a nice place to until the niggarization."
by zapple August 28, 2006
Enhanced with Sodium Chloride.

These chips would be better if they were salted.
by zapple October 21, 2006
A fishing lure which gets it's action from jigging the fishing pole while reeling in. Mostly used for bass.
"That's a nice bass jig you got there, Scooter. Where'd you get it, Cletus's Bait Shop?"
by zapple August 30, 2006
A device for guiding a tool or for holding machine work in place.
"The cabinet maker clamped the piece of wood to the jig that he uses to guide the router around the edges of the wood."
by zapple August 30, 2006
Your alcoholic father
Hey man, where'd you get the black eye? Did your alcopops hit you again?
by zapple December 05, 2006

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