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Originally known as jibe slide but due to popular demand it has been changed to “jibe ‘n’ slide”.

The process of entry into a girls pants whilst dancing with her in a night club.

The procedure starts with the right hand entering the female’s pants via her bottom and then cunningly sliding the hand around the body of the victim until the hand conveniently arrives at the clitoral area.

At this point, the "jibe 'n' slide" has been successfully accomplished and the perpetrator can engage in the intended activity of a sexual nature.

Alfie says : Jesus Christ; Herbert has just gone for the jibe 'n' slide on Sylvia.

Arthur says : Fuck me, he has done it in a record time of 1.38 seconds.

Mavis says : That is disgusting, although you have to hold your hands up to Herbert, he is a jibe 'n' slide legend!!
by Richard13510 March 20, 2008

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