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v. To micturate
Momma, I gotta jibboo!
by Phlagellum June 13, 2003
something you just gotta do
momma sing sing thatcha gotta jibboo, papa sing gotta jibboo!
by Joe "the bulldozer of love" L April 06, 2004
v. to dance freely while buzzed.
Gotta jibboo and keep on drinking too.
by Magilla May 21, 2004
a character in the Dr. Seuss books.
Sometimes the doctor asked us, what would we do?
If we met up with a Jibboo?
by phlowaz215 November 10, 2004
a joint, a reefer, a marijuana cigarette, a jib.
you gotta jibboo but you keep on drinking, too.
by Treighz June 12, 2007