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Save My Fucking Seat.
What you say to your "friends" when you get up at a party to go get some more beer.
Asshole #1: "Go fill my keg cup."
Asshole #2: "SMFS"
by Treighz November 28, 2007
we're glad that you're aglide.
by Treighz June 12, 2007
that dumb store that sells almost everything, especially, totally retarded clothese
hey, y'alls wanna go over to retarget and try on some panties?
by Treighz November 17, 2007
"Throw down the glidebomb"
by Treighz June 12, 2007
"Man, it smells like burnt yiddies in here!"
by Treighz June 12, 2007
a joint, a reefer, a marijuana cigarette, a jib.
you gotta jibboo but you keep on drinking, too.
by Treighz June 12, 2007
Code word for a hot girl when you are staying at a campground.

Origin: You are standing outside your tent brushing your teeth and a girl walks by who is so hot that you accidentally squeeze out your tube of toothpaste.
(hot girl walks by)
You elbow your buddy and say,
by Treighz April 18, 2008

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