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The Owner Of A Popular Chat-Room Called HABBO HOTEL.
It does not mean that you stab someone, if you want to say you stabbed someone, the correct word is CHIB! (See Owen I Told U!)
''Look Theres Jibbi!''
''Who's Jibbi?''
''The Manager Of Habbo Hotel!''
by Tom January 09, 2004
The owner of Habbo Hotel. Jibbi has absolutely no life, and she is a millionaire, by dealings such as Sunny Delight. She lives the life of a Queen, whilst fags by the stuff she has created for money, and pay £2.50 a month for Habbo Club, which entitles you to otehr clothes. Jibbi really is the lamest person on Earth.
Habbo member: AHHHAA!!!111!1one TEH HABBO RULZZZL!!
Hobba: That, is against thine Habbo-Way!
Habbo member: Pfff! teh PWN I R!!
Hobba: Dont make me call Jibbi!
Habbo member: AHASHAHSHADA!!! Jibbi suxx0r and she's my B1tch LoLOLoloL!!
Hobba: *bans*
Habbo member: OH TEH NOS!!111 I R TEH BANNED!! *jumps off cliff*
by Cloud May 10, 2004
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