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Term for salvia (salvia divinorium). Drug thats legal in most of the US. Smoke it while you still can, it's some trippy shit.
Chris has an ass load of Sunny Delight you should get some from him.
by COXXX February 10, 2008
Slogan: "For when your choices are even shittier than Sunny D"

A drink that tastes like a fat clown's asshole.

Ran the best commercial campaign ever, because they made forty of the same commercial, but with different actors in each one.
(Three guys in the backyard)
Person 1: (unrealistically enthusiastic) WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DRINK IN THE FRIDGE?!
Person 2: Well, we got some soda, some purple stuff, SUNNY DELIGHT!
by DeviousPancake November 27, 2010
a delicicous fruit beverage that is non carbonated, caffeine free with vitamins C E B1 AND B6 AND a
Dis sunny delight is xtreme.
by bob June 21, 2004
Nice drink that turns kids yellow.
Amy was yellow after drinking her 9th glass of Sunny Delight.
by Alex February 13, 2004
When you give your girl a golden show A.K.A pissin on her face.
Yo did you hear the news this mornin...R Kellys in court again for givin another gurl a Sunny Delight on camera
by Malcolm Spencer March 09, 2006
1. Beverage of choice for 7 year olds drink most commonly mistaken with real fruit juice. Rich in in calicium and vitamin D.
2. The act of sucking the pubic hairs from the inner anus. (Aka. asshoover)
1. Hunny how about another round of sunny d for the kids.
2. Hunny i am to cheap to get a Brazilian wax, so can u give me a warm sunnydelight
by sally March 25, 2003
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