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where all the jews will live in the future

where all the jews came from
That bitch is from the jewniverse
#jews #universe #baller #place #house
by vikings2326 May 06, 2008
A term of art used to describe one's community of jewish acquaintances.
Ari: have you spoken to Saul Moskovitz lately?

Noah: Paul Moskovitz? The Urologist?

Ari: No, Saul. The Butcher!

Noah: I do not know this man you speak of!

Ari: Oy, Noah, you live in such a small Jewniverse!
#jews #hebrews #torah readers #lawyers #bankers #chosen ones
by Gorilla Adam April 18, 2009
1. What the world will be if Hollywood executives have their way.
2. An alternative reality where money flows from rivers.
3. Your mother.
You are the most hateful person in the Jewniverse.
#reality #greed #jew #mother #hollywood
by Darel June 04, 2007
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