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An insult for a jew just like kyke and jewbag. Comes for the beginning of "jew"-ish and the ending of the most common jewish last name, stein-"berg"
That jew won't lend me a quarter. That fucking jewberg can run into a wall with a boner and break his nose.
by robbie January 31, 2005
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Reference for one of jewish decent. Particularly used when the persons last name ends in -berg. Which is a good portion of the time.
Anybody seen John? Yo, jewberg, where you hidin'?
by flabimus prime May 07, 2009
when you make a huge deal out of something so non-important.
"OMG they put potatoes in my breakfast burrito, im going to go complain."
"Wow dude you're being such a jewberg, just shut up and eat the burrito you won't die."
by michael1685 June 19, 2009

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