one who unscrupulously lends money to gentiles at high rates of interest.
man that jew lent old man McCourt money even though he knew he wouldnt be able to pay it back.
by nympsued July 26, 2009
Jews are:

A follower of the Judaic religion, also known as Judaism.

Jews are not (except for SOME cases:

Always Israeli
Curly haired, big nosed, and cheap
Constantly pointing out anti-semitism


And also, recently a swastika was painted on a Jewish temple. I'm a Jew. That hurt. So please stop making anti-semitic (or anti-JEWISH, I realize that a semite is anyone from the middle east, but IT HAS COME TO MEAN anti-Jewish) comments, because, dude, it hurts.
by Hadassah November 28, 2006
1) someone who practises judaism

2) is also a culture/ethnicity, that is to say it has a certain sense of humour, certain type of food and music etc.

it is neither better nor worse than any other religion/culture/ethnicity in any way. Jews have been opressed, and used as scape-goats, in many points throughout history but so have other cultures.

i think it is dangerous both either elevate people who are Jewish or to look down on them!
bob dylan is
my dad, and his family, are Jewish...........
i am not Jewish
Jesus was jewish
you may or may not be a jew
Hitler didn't like the Jews, neither did the ancient Egyptians

by erica zilinski December 05, 2005
Nose is bent at its point; it looks like the number six, such a nose is a hook nose or an eagle nose. Lips are usually puffy. The lower lip often protrudes. The eyes are different too. The eyelids are mostly thicker and more fleshy than ours. The Jewish look is wary and piercing. One can tell from his eyes that he is a deceitful person." They have short legs. Their arms are often very short too. Many Jews are bow-legged and flat-footed. They often have a low, slanting forehead, a receding forehead. Many criminals have such a receding forehead. The Jews are criminals too. Their hair is usually dark and often curly like a Negro's. Their ears are very large, and they look like the handles of a coffee cup." The Jew moves his head back and forth. His gait is shuffling and unsteady. The Jew moves his hands when he talks. He "jabbers." His voice is often odd. He talks through his nose. Jews often have an unpleasant sweetish odor. If you have a good nose, you can smell the Jews
The stereotype of the ugly Jew comes from Ashkenazi Jewish inbreeding. In the olden Europe days they would only marry and reproduce with their fellow Jews. As their population, and thus their gene pool, was already small it quickly accumulated into a high frequency of bad traits.... some diseases like Tay-Sachs... others features like short limbs, a hooked nose, long coffeecup-handle ears, flabby lips, etc.
by Abraham Foxman August 13, 2008
A group of individuals consisting of approximately 0.2% of the entire world population, and yet somehow manage to have won more than 20% of the nobel prizes awarded since 1901. The Jews have throughout history suffered from persecution, reaching a peak in WW2, when almost 80% of the entire Jewish population in Europe was murdered. After this the state of Israel was established, to provide a safe haven for the Jews. Despite this, anti-semitism remained a very real part of being a Jew even in our own modern world. Due to the fact that Jews place an extremely high value on the importance of education, the Jewish community is an exceptionally well established, educated and intelligent population in comparison to it's meagre size. Israel, a relatively tiny country, has produced hundreds of established people in literature, art, music, science and mathematics, while simultaneously fighting off haters and terrorists from all sides with its skilled army, and yet Jews continue to be amongst the most despised people on the planet.
1. "Despite their breakthroughs in medicine which have saved millions of lives, including a recent breakthrough in cancer treatment, many people seem to want Israel gone, the Jews dead, and their dear aunt Catherine to die of lung cancer because with Israel gone, that particular research will be stunted untill further notice."

2. "Thousands of people boycotted Israel during the 2008 Gaza war, explaining that they are doing this in protest to Israel defending itself from frequent terrorist bombings that had been occuring in the past 8 years. Many of these boycotters posted "boycott Israel" videoclips on youtube, blogged about how much they hated Israel or otherwise used their computers during this time, not realizing that the Intel microchip in their computer was developed by Israel and by using any computer that was less than 30 years old they were supporting Israel. What a bunch of idiots..."

3. "Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
And the Catholics hate the Protestants,
And the Hindus hate the Muslims,
And everybody hates the Jews."
by lovingisraelforever March 14, 2010
A person of the Jewish faith. Stereotyped as greedy because they invented interest, a system of banking used by any capitalist, whether they're Jewish, Christian, Islamic, atheist, or whatever.
Guy 1: Hey look, its that greedy Jew!
Guy 2: dude, Your a banker.
by DanTheGreat November 03, 2009
a word that can be offensive to jew calling some one dirty, cheating, cheap, ect
!. you jew!! cheating like that
by halrasian August 23, 2008

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