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One of those mega-jews.

See also lubavitch
Hey TEoS, what is Jew Jew?

Why my good man, they're those boys in hats and suits with the long things of hair hanging over their ears!
by TEoS November 11, 2005
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Bad Karma what someone has by being a stupid drama causing person. The energy of a negative person, or pest.
I am so sick of Jessica's bad jew jew, she ruins my night.
by aBekkcitygal May 06, 2010
A commonly accepted nickname for 2+2er and in-frequent poker player Michael Davis, King of All Jews.
Hey, anybody seen Jew Jew today? Naw dawg I ain't seen him in a hot second, that nigga's probally bargin hunting down at the Gallaria or maybe playing some fantasy football.
by Seven Studa December 12, 2006
A person that is very tight with money and the also steals alot. The Jew-Jew can be defined by It's hooked nose and very big eyes, also used to take the piss out of a certain friend who has the Star of David always inked on his arm and a slightly Jewish nose.
"Damn, that guy is such a Jew-Jew"

"Oi, you Jew-Jew gimme a fag or I'll break your nose."

"He's so tight with money - he must be a Jew-Jew"
by perceptive-audience November 02, 2009

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