Word originating in Vancouver, BC specifically at Peltons. Courtesy of the big jenk.

Means anything and everything.
"What the jenk!"
"Go on, give it a jenk"
"Did you see that jenk? What a jenk."
by SmoothDrJay January 11, 2005
Top Definition
the area between one's balls and bum
"I went for a ride last night. I went flying over a bump and landed right on my jenk", or "I'm going to kick you in the jenk"
by Captain Bird's Eye April 22, 2006
Shortened version of the word jenkem, and in the same way is used to describe fermented urine and faeces, the vapors of which are inhaled to produce a mind bending high.

Since the popularity of jenkem has grown, the term jenks has been applied to any intoxicating substance such as cannabis or opium.
Jules: "Hey Dr, got any spare jenks?"
Dr: "Yes Jules I have some lovely jenkem that I have freshly prepared for you."
by DirtyDr February 03, 2009
A mixture between a person that is Jewish and a Chinese person or chink
*Asian walks out of a temple
Josh-Look at that fucking jenk dude
by SwagsterMcMuffin September 14, 2015
to isolate oneself from society and to sit in the same spot for long periods of time
Molly: Why are you so boring?
Billy: I guess I need to stop jenking.
by shiggs February 19, 2013
crazy, wacky.
aiden: yo jamal, did you hear about that stupid woman who accidentally had a bear eat off her daughters fingers?

jamal: WUT? that's jenk yo
by jimsfgggggg April 26, 2012
Very small town in Oklahoma, that is actually so small it's not on the map. Right next to the south side of Tulsa. Is mainly known for its public school rivalery with Union (north/centeral Tulsa) and advanced academics, arts, and atheltic departments (compared to the average public school). The school campus is one block away from the main street, which is home to small shops giving the feeling of a "at home" feeling. Home to the RiverWalk, Jenks Public Schools, and new shopping centers in the coming years.
X: Hey have you been to Jenks lately?
y: No, why?
X: Oh just that their building a bunch of stuff out their i wonderd if you heard....
Y: Oh well I hear their school is pretty amazing. They keep adding on to their campus, parking lots, math/science center, oh and their getting an olympic size pool too.
by true_jenksgirl January 27, 2011
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