(adj.) root unknown. 1) irrelevant; unnecessary; 2) junk; garbage; 3) dumb
This class is jenk!
by may-o10 April 27, 2010
Top Definition
the area between one's balls and bum
"I went for a ride last night. I went flying over a bump and landed right on my jenk", or "I'm going to kick you in the jenk"
by Captain Bird's Eye April 22, 2006
Shortened version of the word jenkem, and in the same way is used to describe fermented urine and faeces, the vapors of which are inhaled to produce a mind bending high.

Since the popularity of jenkem has grown, the term jenks has been applied to any intoxicating substance such as cannabis or opium.
Jules: "Hey Dr, got any spare jenks?"
Dr: "Yes Jules I have some lovely jenkem that I have freshly prepared for you."
by DirtyDr February 03, 2009
A mixture between a person that is Jewish and a Chinese person or chink
*Asian walks out of a temple
Josh-Look at that fucking jenk dude
by SwagsterMcMuffin September 14, 2015
A sharp pull on the penis and balls.
Loser gets twenty Jenks!
by hizzy shaw August 22, 2014
a pseudonym for

1. A friend/roommate that gets excessively drunk and needs to be carried home, starts trying to hit you, or some other form of nonsense causing him/her to be dealt with.

2. Someone who plays tiny annoying pranks for attention. i.e. placing pennies on the tops of doors so they fall on you when you walk through.

The name can also evolve with severity from least annoying to most (Jenks, Jenkins, Jenxxxs)
"Jenks! Wake the fuck up! You are passed out in the middle of a party!"

"Stop throwing fucking pennies at me Jenks."
by Bigsir 44 April 11, 2010
The devouring of a large quantity of pizza, or other fast food products, whilst extremely inebriated.
"Man, I j totally jenks'd the shit out of like 7 slices of pizza last night"

"I caught John jenksing last night. I think he ate 5 deluxe doubles."
by havemrc May 20, 2013
to isolate oneself from society and to sit in the same spot for long periods of time
Molly: Why are you so boring?
Billy: I guess I need to stop jenking.
by shiggs February 19, 2013

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