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jelly leg means where a girl is fucked from behind so hard that she loses the feeling of her legs so basicly she cant stand up
jelly leg: Fucker very very VERY hard
by glen rodwell April 26, 2006
When a woman has an orgasm so intense her legs become like jelly, possibly resulting in her falling over. Often accompanied by a Squirt
Laura: I'm telling you, sit down when you jill off in the shower.
Sarah: Why?
Laura: Because if you do it right you'll get Jelly Legs and you don't want to hit your head on the way down.
by Haruka42 January 29, 2014
God's way of telling you to sit the fuck down
Man, that guys so fucked up he's doin the jelly-leg
by ShelCShof July 17, 2010
When a child goes into a state of paralysis below the waist in order to get what he/she wants.
Mom: No!
Kid: I WANT CANDY!(Kid goes into jelly legs mode)
Mom: Timmy stand up! I'm not going to carry you!
Mom: Jesus! Here...what do you want?
by Fallen_Samurai March 07, 2009
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