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to crack under pressure
this nigga buckled at the foul line wit 2 seconds left and airballed it
by Griff July 01, 2004
The act of releasing vile waste.
Be careful, Kyle just Buckled in there.
by Ace February 16, 2005
a really expensive store
hey how much are those jeans?
78 bucks
holy crap! how much is that shirt?
35 bucks
holy crap!
by baby June 17, 2004
Stating someone is smash-able.
Mike: Did you see Lexi tonight?
Justin: The one in the black top?
Mike: Yeah I'd buckle.
by Binkem March 03, 2011
To trip over by accident i.e over a curb.
"Oh, he buckled and cracked his neck"
by Devang June 19, 2006
A wife that makes you buckle down.
That wife of mine (Buckles) always naggin me talkin bout I need to buckle down.
by MACHINEGUNJACK May 18, 2011

"to buckle"

To get down to business, to study. Usually used by students who have felt their academic performance to be sub-par.
"I've got to buckle, Iana. Next semester I've got eight classes - all in calculus."

"To hell with buckling, I need to party!"
by SonyaW December 25, 2007