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leaving an imprint on the fabric of reality. It's like what ghosts do.
Their love was so strong it will impressionate throughout time.
#remember #imprint #memory #harmonic #forever
by Vorlon007 June 13, 2015
Endemic to a particular relgion or area. Specialization of a species or genus so that it can only be found in a specific area.
I heard it was nabadigious people's day on the same day as Thanksgiving.
#indigenous #aborigine #species #native #endemic
by Vorlon007 December 18, 2012
The highly stimulated clitoris - the man in the boat (when he is standing up and at attention. The female equivalent of the male penile erection.
The woman was so turned on her clitorecti was blatantly obvious through the tight bikini she was wearing. All she need do was gyrate slightly and it would cause her to undergo intense orgasms.
#blatantly #obvious #bikini #gyrate #intense #orgasms
by Vorlon007 December 01, 2012
The act of being excessively diligent about billing. A billigent person invents obtuse ways of billing clients and passers-by alike for any reason vaguely linking others to owing money to them.
The billigent attorney would spend more time billing his clients than actually working for them. Every second of his waking hours was spent going over his client list, that way he could bill all his clients on a continual basis and back it up with time-entries like "status update" which actually meant all he did was think of their name and if any new activities were associated with them. More often than not, nothing had changed, given that his "status updates" occurred on an hourly basis. Billigent practices are frowned upon by ethical attorneys.
#attorney #bill #clients #time-entries #status update #activities
by Vorlon007 December 01, 2012
Dopplegullet is the mult-layered hanging skin that only manifests in overweight women over the ago of 70. Reminescent of a turkey's wattle, when one with dopplegullet speaks, an echoey waffle is often heard. This is the effect of the dopplegullet. Julia Childs is a famous example of a dopplegullet. Dopplegullets generally prefer to appear on the necks of famous culinary women, as it is generally considered to have epicurian qualities not fully understood by those who cannot acquire a dopple gullet through natural selection A single clucking sound from a well formed dopplegullet, depending on the intonations, can make or break the chances of a new recipe, restaurant or career of a promising young chef. A person with a well formed dopplegullet can earn the respect of her peers through the judicious and wise use of this fabled human outgrowth.
When the lobster bisque contained too much cayene, once Julia Childs shook her dopplegullet and let out a disapproving waffle, Chef Voulez Vouz was never heard from again.
#dopplegullet #turkey's wattle #waffle #epicurian qualities #intonations
by Vorlon007 September 14, 2013
A person who is prone to outbursts of an excessive nature, usually over petty subject matter.
That fat lady (over there) is a coniptionista. All it takes is the slightest reference to something being overweight and she blows up. Often she gets outraged because people move out of the way as she lumbers down the street and moves into full coniptionista mode by launching into a tirade about prejudices inflicted on fat people, how requiring a fat person to purchase two seats on an airplane was unfair just because they are over 500 pounds, that there is a conspiracy by ruthless corporations to hypnotize people to overeat, how fit people are really fat people with low self-esteem, and so on. A coniptionista is very easily inflamed and readily seeks obscure reasons to explode and cause tension. Full coniptionista mode is achieved by foregoing all formalities and swearing in a manner that would embarrass sailors.
#overweight #blows up #mode #tirade #inflicted
by Vorlon007 December 01, 2012
Desirous of hiding in an attic or small crawl space.
When Homeland Security announced they would be conducting raids looking for illegal aliens, many of the illegials ran, but some behaved anfranctuous for the duration of the raids.
#hiding #attic #refugee #evasive #elusive #hidden upstairs
by Vorlon007 February 16, 2011
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