An extreme level of drunkenness characterized by an inability to stand upright, often resembling a T-Rex. One version of the drunkenness scale is as follows: buzzed, drunk, wasted, f'd up, blackout, Jeffed.
After drinking 37 beers, he became Jeffed and seemed to undergo reverse evolution and become a T-Rex.
by ver Boyer July 12, 2008
To receive a number of sucker punches, punches to the head, head butted, etc.
Also could be defined as being beat or hit with a weapon such as a night stick or anything blunt.
"Damn, he just got jeffed."
"He must've gotten jeffed."
by haleyrosefarris March 03, 2015
Jeffed is the act of being blown off by someone who is so sure they love you that they know you'll be there tomorrow, no matter how inconsiderate the act, because they're well worth it.
Jeffed is "I'll be back in a few minutes." Player logs from audio and messenger after 2 hours because their computer overheats while they're peacefully sleeping and you're waiting.
by stilllovehim April 17, 2009
to get hit in the face extremely hard by a girl
you see what happened to Joe last night?
He disrespected Alicia and he got Jeffed
by Neuyoricania July 31, 2013
When a joint or blunt goes out in mid rotation because someone takes to damn long to hit it.
Jeff : "So whats good for later"
Goons : "You Jeffed the blunt, shut up"
by HeyGoonz April 12, 2011
TO receive an exuberant amount of pinks in Evony that result in you being inundated with a screen full of pink text containing mainly sexts and Jeff talking dirty to women.
I told Jeff that he didn't have the ability to sext me properly. Next thing I know I was Jeffed right out of AC!
by Slapdick69 April 07, 2011
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