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MADE FaMouS by PARiS HilTON && NiCOLE RiChiE..MEANinG a sarcastic way of saying "WhAT THA EFF"
(person) JEEZ...
by 1sexybiatch August 11, 2007
28 137
A saying derived from the phrase "Jesus Christ!" displaying anger/disapointment/wow towards a person/object/event.
Jeez, lose some weight, fattie!
by Catterpilr October 27, 2003
709 175
An expression of minor exasperation or annoyance
"Ah jeez, it snowed last night! Now I'll have to shovel the driveway."
by Blackmac October 28, 2003
345 115
A general interjection which, although usually expressing grief, can be used with much versatility.

Etymology: A substitution for "Jesus Christ!!!" Evidently used mostly by uptight people with a strict upbringing.
Expressing grief: "Jeez, all I did was get the order of the numbers mixed up."

Expressing exaltation: "Jeez, I didn't know the installation would be that easy !"
by handle187 October 31, 2003
214 87
Jesus' Nickname
Person: Jeez!
Jesus: Yes?
by HLLover4me January 16, 2009
220 114
A slang derived from 'Jesus' when someone is annoyed, angry, or disapointed. It is more socially accepted to say 'jeez' in a negative way then to say Jesus in a negative way.
Jeez (or jee-wiz), why you always have to act like this?

instead of saying

Oh Jesus, why you have to act this way?
by slang termz incorporated July 06, 2009
81 38
A PC Christian way of Mid-Westerners saying, "Jesus Christ!"
Husband:"We just got dumped with 10 inches of snow"
Wife: "Awe, Jeez. You gotta be kidding."
by Sarah October 30, 2003
69 90
verb. one "jeezes." to generally loaf, mostly with jesus, but not always.
I'm jeezin it up in the oh-one-tweezy!
by Moodgywoo October 29, 2003
19 114