Jeebus is a mocking term used in place of Jesus Christ. It is used by those who reject Christ as Lord and those who have no idea who He is. The term Jeebus originated with satan himself and it is spewed by ignorant people who shall one day answer to God for every word they speak.
by Disciples of the Cross December 08, 2009
Jeebus is a word in place of jesus it works just as well
HOLY ba Jeebus!!!
by ur mom September 24, 2003
A less religiously-offensive version of "Jesus" used often in place of saying the Lamb of God's name in vain. The origin of the word stems from Homer Simpson from the show THE SIMPSONS
"Help! Save me Jeebus!"
by The S October 22, 2003
Homer Simpson's way of saying Jesus. Highly offencive.
Homer; Jeebus is my homeboy.
by cartman5000 August 09, 2004
Jeebus was born over 2000 years ago and started the religion of Crustianity. Jeebus Crust is the son of Gosh and part of the Holy 3-Some (or Ménage à Trois). Jeebus was born to Bloody Mary, a virgin, by a miracle of the Spirit of Truthiness. The Holy Babble gives an account of an angel visiting Bloody Mary to tell her that she was chosen to bare the Son of Gosh.
Jeebus Crust is the savior of the one and only true religion, Crustianity.
by Spirit of Truthiness November 02, 2007
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