A word originating from the Simpsons, used in place of "Jesus." Homer is such a bad missionary that he teaches the natives on the island which he is on the wrong pronunciation of their supposed savior. So they end up screaming "Save us, Jeebus!" Also a phrase coined anew by Colleen Muldoon (Irish pride).
Colleen: "Jeeeeeeeeeeebusss!!!1" (yes, the one is in there)
by Superwells December 01, 2003
Verb: To Shit Yourself.
Exclamtion: WOW! FUCK! CRAZY!
You say Jeebus when you are scared, angry, happy, high.. whenever and why-ever.
jeebus has no examples. I randomly shout it whenever. its scares the shit out of heather here :)
#fuck #holy shit #hurray #buttfuck #jizzed
by Kennejer March 05, 2007
Another example of "Simpsons" comming into play, commenly reffering to the son of our most holy lord (Jesus) or the more commenly known, albanian brush rat (mostly found in sewers and holiday homes). These versetile creatures can be found among the sewage heaps of the great white sparrow and can be known NOT to carry the black plague (only 2 discoverd so far).
Me: The Jeebus ate my homework.
Priest: Go die in a hole somewhere...

Me: Praise Jeebus, son of our lord *bows*.
Albanian brush rat: EEEEBEEP!?
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by Alex "The Shmexy" January 17, 2006
The way black people pronounce jesus.
O lordy lordy! May jeebus help us all! O lordy!
by b3n February 12, 2005
originaly appeared on the frank zappa album "them or us"in 1979 on the song "heavenly pocket book. Matt Groening, A well know zappa fan and creater of the Simpsons borrowed it for the apisode.
"Cuz JEEBUS said if we don't do what's in the book we ain't goin up to heabin.
by josep milifresh January 16, 2004
Dand, Jeebus raised the karma limit again!
by The Mofos October 16, 2003
an extremely pretty boy with very shiny hair,perfect skin, and the cutest nose ever. he is a total jackass, but that is because girls keep harrassing him for his hair secret, and guys keep trying to rape him. he likes vanilla donuts, and has a big shiny iguana.
urg. why is jeebus so pretty?
by kacob September 18, 2005
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