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A name used on progressive blogs to deride intolerant religious rightwingers ("fundies") who use the Christian faith as a flag and front for every one of their nastiest motivations, statements and actions, hiding hate behind professed faith. Basically "jeebus" is a code word for lefties permitting them to mock self-annointed religious frothing biters / ultraconservatives of the social or financial right who advocate selfishness and cruelty (via nutty religious errors) without actually deriding Jesus or Christianity itself which they don't have a problem with. Put alternatively, a person who follows the New Testament loves Jesus; a person who can't wait to take away sick benefits from a dying lesbian because God Hates Fags loves Jeebus. Get the diff?
"Don't you understand? Tax cuts for the rich are good and welfare for sick mothers is immoral! What kind of atheistic radical are you to think otherwise?"
"Jeebus told you to say that, didn't he?"
by seeker6079 February 24, 2006
I love people wo think that homer invented jeebus, you're all so cute. i congratulate the people who say frank zappa, buy I have to tell y'all it was used by Duke Ellington (1930's jazz writer/singer) in a throwback to his catholic school days. He used it instead of jesus so that the nuns couldn't beat him, or whatever it is that angry nuns do. he used it instead of jesus for the rest of his life, which is where zappa probably found it.
Jebus loves you all!
by Obscure facts man! February 23, 2005
Not homer originally, this word dates back to the late 1800's as a way of saying jesus without actually taking the name in vain.
similar to words like jeepers creepers, jeebus is also a form of pronunciation.

Sorry folks Matt G. is not the originator of all. He merely recycles pop culture into a half hour show.
similar to words like jeepers creepers, jeebus is also a form of pronunciation.

"Lawd help us jeebus!"

"Gawd allmitey"
by Pete Prisco September 26, 2005
Contrary to the previous post saying Jeebus was taken from Frank Zappa's "Them or Us" album from the song "Heavenly Pocketbook", actually there is no such song on that album. On a different album, "You Are What You Is" there is a song called "Heavenly Bank Account", but this still doesn't mention Jeebus, though it does mention not "gwine up to hebbin". I agree that Matt Groening is on record as a big Zappa fan, but so far I can't find that Zappa used the term Jeebus for Jesus, though it is clearly something that Zappa would do (and maybe did in a live concert?).
I'm sorry Jeebus! Forgive me Jeebus!
by Nanook April 20, 2005
1. A large animal with sheep and ferrt like qualities, often found on the outskirts of darlo. These creatures are often found dressed as sheep being shaved by local farmers because that's just the kind of creatures they are.
2. A fetish portraying the sexual habitats of Jeebus's with sheep suits and local farmerswith darlo accents.
Jeebus pcictures unavaliableas it may traumatise the young.
by Dr Fry August 21, 2007
originaly appeared on the frank zappa album "them or us"in 1979 on the song "heavenly pocket book. Matt Groening, A well know zappa fan and creater of the Simpsons borrowed it for the apisode.
"Cuz JEEBUS said if we don't do what's in the book we ain't goin up to heabin.
by josep milifresh January 16, 2004
A word used in place of Jesus as a less offensive way of saying it. Originated from the Simpsons, but has found its way into a whole lot of other things.
"Hey, guys, on page 375 it says Jeebus."
"It's supposed to say Jesus, right?"
by TheBurninator December 09, 2003
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