A short handsome man with an incredibly large penis who is always the life of the party(usually hated on by men of larger stature). A man who is charasmatic and can use his charm and humor to obtain whatever he desires including your girlfriend.
I was talking to this really hot girl until this jeb came over and stole her from me. When going to talk to women is always good to have a Jeb as your wingman.
by Mini Pimp February 18, 2010
Slang for the phallus of a man, the phallus of an animal, or the metaphysical conceit of the phallus. Can be used in conjunction with almost any word to create a new one.
Get your jeb out!

You're such a jebend / jebsac

I woke up with inordinate amounts of jebcheese

by Thomas Jebberson September 04, 2007
Noun. 3.5 (three and one half) grams of cocaine. Often referred to as an eight ball.
"Hey the dealer just called me back, how much should I get?"
"3 Jeb's please."
"3 Jeb's? You're going to be pretty depressed tomorrow."
by NSM & WMK August 23, 2007
A 1~2 inch bump in the rectum a few inches in from the anus. Caused when one of several strains of bacteria usually present in santorum enters a small scar that resulted from fairly violent anal sex. An immune reaction causes the bump -- which can make anal sex even more unpleasant than usual.
Dave: "While I enjoy each manly pump -- would you please thrust more toward the left, so that you're hammering my jeb so much? It hurts like hell..."
Rick: "Sure, babe... By the way we're working up a good froth of santorum here!"
by manoverbored June 20, 2015
The end of a mans penis, also to be used as a noun.
Aww man I had a rough night last night, my Jeb is killing me.

Hey bro, don't be a Jeb come out for a drink.
by JustMogg December 02, 2011
Someone's name when you can't remember it or if you don't know it.
"What's up Jeb?" "Oh, nothing Jeb. What about you?" "Nothing really. Hey, where's your friend Jeb?"
by wintermorningsunshines December 18, 2011
A extremely weird person. May do things like trying to lick or bite you.
That Guy is a Jeb, he tried to lick me in public
by TheOriginalRyeb February 08, 2014
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