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(n.) Filipino slang for poop, crap, stool, feces. a.k.a. tae
Ang laki ng jebs mo pards! (dude, you crap's humongous!)

My secret weight loss diet? 3 J's man, I jog, I jebs, I jackol! lol
by eeenvy January 20, 2011
12 11
1. GB's
2. The act of smoking weed
We are going over to the gazeebo to rip ripperson jebs.
by Rip Ripperson January 04, 2011
9 9
Someone's name when you can't remember it or if you don't know it.
"What's up Jeb?" "Oh, nothing Jeb. What about you?" "Nothing really. Hey, where's your friend Jeb?"
by wintermorningsunshines December 18, 2011
4 5
The end of a mans penis, also to be used as a noun.
Aww man I had a rough night last night, my Jeb is killing me.

Hey bro, don't be a Jeb come out for a drink.
by JustMogg December 02, 2011
7 8
A extremely weird person. May do things like trying to lick or bite you.
That Guy is a Jeb, he tried to lick me in public
by TheOriginalRyeb February 08, 2014
1 3
Man, I could really use a few jebs right now...
by Glenn G Drodge April 19, 2013
0 2
Jeb is a noun!(Belfast Slang)sometimes known as an insult formly known as tit. It Can also be reconized as a sleezy term, for example "can i have a closer look at your Jebs"
Check out That Girls Jebs
That Guy Is Such A Jeb
by Barry McCallion August 18, 2007
21 31