1. GB's
2. The act of smoking weed
We are going over to the gazeebo to rip ripperson jebs.
by Rip Ripperson January 04, 2011
Jeb is a noun!(Belfast Slang)sometimes known as an insult formly known as tit. It Can also be reconized as a sleezy term, for example "can i have a closer look at your Jebs"
Check out That Girls Jebs
That Guy Is Such A Jeb
by Barry McCallion August 18, 2007
(verb) To steal, usurp. Inspired by the 'sledgehammer response' after Hurricane Wilma, in which Jeb Bush had supplies destined for Miami-Dade and Broward counties diverted.
"Hey! Someone jebbed my car!"

"Don't we all jeb office supplies once in a while?"
by VXO November 02, 2005
A noun used to describe a stupid, moronic customer who does everything wrong, is unprepared, then blames you, the sales associate/bank teller, when you take too long, mess up his transaction, don't bend, break or change the rules to suit him, or otherwise don't preform to his standards.
"That guy is such a jeb! He expected me to give him money out of an account that his name is not listed on!!"
by The Lizinator November 29, 2007
(verb) to jeb
the substitution for any doing word
"don't jeb me with your large finger"

"the dog just had a jeb at me"

"i jebbed it from the wall then jebbed it up on the board, then she jebbed it off me and jebbed it up so i jebbed off with her folder"
by jeb jebson March 05, 2007
The third action in a series that leads to complete loss, after two previous related actions were not heeded as warnings. Similar to a third strike in baseball, except the stakes are much higher with a Jeb.
In 2016, America could Jeb itself into nonexistence if it doesn't recognize the pattern of destruction that voting foolishly has cost us.
by Jarod Kintz October 01, 2015
A great guy Jeb will defend you(his gf)no matter.he's extremely kind but can be s serious badass if needed.he's not a trouble maker and someone you want your parents to meet. In all you are not going to find a better guy than Jeb
Girl:"Jebs pretty cool don't you think?"
Guy:"hell no he beat da shit out of johny"
by jedadoyle June 08, 2015

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