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In California, there is a Three-Strikes-Law, where a person gets 25 years to life after his/her 3rd felony. So when someone who has already been caught twice gets caught a third time, it's his Third Strike, and he goes to jail for a minimum of 25 years.
COP: Uh oh, what's this I found in your jacket?
GANG BANGER: What the? You planted that!
COP: Shutup! This bag is enough to get you for distribution. That's your third strike esse --and before you're 25-years old! That makes you the goddam rookie of the year!
GANG BANGER: Please dawg, I'll do whatever you want mang, please!
COP: Sign this confession and I'll let you play some extra innings, otherwise I'll throw your ass in county on that third strike!
GANG BANGER: Sheeit, this confession is already filled out!
COP: Sign it bitch!
by inane5 February 13, 2005
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