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A feeling of unhappiness that someone else appears better off than us.

A completely natural human emotion which we all experience and which is only villified because of the haves continued attempt to maintain their position over the have nots. Let me explain:

Back in History:
Haves want to keep what they got Have nots want it. More Have nots than Haves so Haves in danger of facing rebellion.
Solution? Use their power over people minds through their control of religion (its a fact that rulling classes control religion for their own ends- think how the mediaeval abbots managed to get so rich and divine rights of king etc.) to make it seem as though wanting what you haven't got is evil. Therefore Have Nots believe them and stop wanting therefore no rebellion therefore Haves get to keep wealth.
In The present:
Less people religious but this universal belief of religions deeply inbedded in human psyche so most people still think its wrong to show natural Jealousy.
Thou shalt not envy(or some other old word I can't remember) thy neighbours Ass or their Wife or House or something like that.
by Geoooooooo March 26, 2005
1. n- the feeling of wanting something someone else has.
2. n- the feeling of being angry at someone because they are better off then you or they have what you want.
synonyms: envy, covet
Many people are jealous of wealthy or famous people and pretend like they hate them.
by Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz May 09, 2005
The real or perceived threat of the loss of a valued relationship to a rival.
Maria's feelings of jealousy were making her see signs of an affair between her best friend and boyfriend that weren't actually happening.
by Andrew J F October 21, 2005
Coveting another person's life and/or material possessions.An extremely destructive emotion. It is not fuelled by love. It is fuelled by the fear of failure.
Jealousy destroys friendships and prevents people from experiencing real happiness.
by Nooknoodle January 18, 2006

- Jealousy is triggered by the threat of separation from, or loss of, a romantic partner
- a person becomes jealous because they perceive someone else as having something they don't believe they can have, so they feel that they are inadequate, that is why they become angry with that individual and try either conspicuously or inconspicuously to sabotage them because they are trying to take something away from them, to feel equal to them.
- While jealousy and envy are similar, they differ in that jealousy is about something one has and is afraid of losing, while envy is about something one does not have and either wants to acquire or to prevent another from getting.
Steve is consumed with jealousy because Pandora loves Haz & not him.
by mad molly January 27, 2009
The feeling people get when they cant be like you! They wish they had your looks, talent and material possessions but they don't.. so they badmouth you instead to level the playing field. When they do this they usually don't tell the truth about anything either. Theres a difference between plain jealousy and constructive criticism.
When Bob saw his new car he was experiencing jealousy!
by ereer February 12, 2008
jealousy doesnt mean that you dont trust someone. its just means that you care a lot. it means youre scared to lose someone or you feel like attention has been deawn away from you.
i was jealous of my ex boyfriends friend. he spent more time talking to her and telling her things than he did with me. i got scared i was going to lose him because maybe i didnt hold his interest anymore.

i staret dto chyll with this guy and we alwasy fooled aroudn and flirted. then my friend staret dto chyll with us and the attention was taken away from me to her.
by Ciara January 17, 2005
a strang thing so much more powerful than you would have thought and very irrational.
i had jealousy when i looked at her with him.
by Twilight Book November 24, 2008