a person becomes jealous because they perceive someone else as having or being something they don't believe they think they can have or be, so they feel that they are inadequate, that is why they become angry with that individual and try either conspicuously or inconspicuously to sabotage them because they are trying to take something away from them, to feel equal to them.
A lot of unattractive women feel jealousy towards attractive women because they feel that they themselves can never be attractive, so they feel inadequate and consequently, they try to sabotage the attractive girl by excluding her, spreading rumors about her, trying to get her fired, trying to beat her up, etc... but if they got in shape and changed their whole self-image, the attractive chick would no longer be a threat.
by Angelstar June 04, 2006
wanting something you see that others have. wanting something other people have. hating someone for having something you want but can't get or have.
people hate the (Syrian)Jews because they have jealousy towards them for having things that they don't.and wanting it.
by Joey K. August 30, 2006
When you have things that any one of your friends, family member, or just a plain stranger wants so badly as to take/steal what you have to screw up your life.

A feeling you get when someone has something that you feel the need as to take/steal away what they have that you can seriously get somewhat better than what they have. Or you just want to screw someone's life up to pieces because you think it's better than yours.

To feel so down about your life you decide to screw up someone else's JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU CAN'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER THAN THE SHIT THEY HAVE. FIGHT FOR BETTER YOU DENSE FOOL.

Someone who steals your bf from you just because you had him. Same for girlfriends.

(eh, i was bored, so.....)
What example do you need? Jealousy is something you shouldn't feel when you can just fight for something better than what that person has, you dumbass. Don't screw up their lives for what you feel you can't have when you can have better~

by Pfft >:I January 13, 2014
PARISISCUTE. Is another word for this, they make acc's on websites and pretend they are rich and all that to try and make people JEALOUS of THEM.
A poor girl comes along to a website - New acc. "OMG guess what I'm SOOO rich and spoiled Be jealous" Indicating they are feeling sorry for them selves, because of their jealousy of others.
by The person down the street April 17, 2010
A feeling of unhappiness that someone else appears better off than us.

A completely natural human emotion which we all experience and which is only villified because of the haves continued attempt to maintain their position over the have nots. Let me explain:

Back in History:
Haves want to keep what they got Have nots want it. More Have nots than Haves so Haves in danger of facing rebellion.
Solution? Use their power over people minds through their control of religion (its a fact that rulling classes control religion for their own ends- think how the mediaeval abbots managed to get so rich and divine rights of king etc.) to make it seem as though wanting what you haven't got is evil. Therefore Have Nots believe them and stop wanting therefore no rebellion therefore Haves get to keep wealth.
In The present:
Less people religious but this universal belief of religions deeply inbedded in human psyche so most people still think its wrong to show natural Jealousy.
Thou shalt not envy(or some other old word I can't remember) thy neighbours Ass or their Wife or House or something like that.
by Geoooooooo March 26, 2005
see also Mr Bill Gates
Its not fair :( why does he get all the money?
by Insomniac January 13, 2005
Talk to a girl:14 years old, my age:16, but then get interupted by a 19 year old who can't get anyone at his own age.
Richie meets a girl at the mall named Kristyn. Then some gay 19 year old "superstar" Aaron has to but in because Richie is talking to a girl in his presence. So he has to go and try and ruin for Richie and Kristyn so he can try and get with ANOTHER 14 year old.
by Richie B. June 21, 2003

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