An abbreviation for many of the previous entries, but also an abbreviation for "just checking" used in instant messaging when one doesn't want to write the phrase out.
Friend 1- Are you going to the movies tomorrow?
Friend 2- Mhmm, why?
Friend 1- Ok. No reason, jc.
by ily July 12, 2006
Best Cod player in the world ! .. average penis size is around 10" .. and about 6" wide. He is absolutely stunning and loves boobs. And he's the ultimate mix-master dj the world. He has slain many T-Rex', put down 500 lame sheep, lions tamed: 12, Virgins enlightened: Lost count. Grans Drop kicked, back hands handed out: Too many to count. Tea Drunk: 100tons worth. AMAZING IN BED.

wow i heard JC done in chuck norris last week
by Chuckle me stones. November 30, 2011
abreviation for Junior Certificate, a state exam in the Republic of Ireland
I got an A in my JC in June
by john jacob jingle January 22, 2006
abbreviation for "Just Curious." Usually used in a passive aggressive context.
"So, why did you invite all of your friends but me? ...jc..."
by Octopi Wall Street January 03, 2012
Some stupid cunt who likes to play golf all the time. Often found with a gigantic erect cock upon the forehead, JC likes to fuck midgets and eat cow shit. JC can also be found in his local nursery, looking for children to steal and take back to his dirty grotto, located in his basement. In this grotto, he uses all kinds of sex toys, brushes, cucumbers and other pole shaped objects to screw his victims up the bum and even in the eye. He also like orange juice.
JC sucks massive donkey bollocks.
by Sarsauki July 28, 2010
A Violent stamp on the head when the other person is laying bleeding on the ground outside Mcdonalds.
"Yo,i'm gonna JC dat fool yo"
"yeh stamp on dat nigga hard breadrin"
"fo sho my nephew"

by Lewthe'muthafuckin'p.i.m.p May 20, 2008
"Just Chill"
"JC, man, I'll be there in a sec."
by Punquerer February 13, 2002

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