When your name is Jarred And You Get Red from Bi-Slaps, Cock Slaps, Wad Slaps, Tri-Slaps, Glute Slaps. In a relationship with Mr.Jaycee Upshaw. When your wad gets ticked and you go red.
When the buds and Kg get jarred cock (JC) ticked
by DHelbig November 17, 2008
Noun. A dope 14 year old kid who can play basketball and rap his face off. Resign's in Massachusetts.
Boy: Yo u heard of JC?

Other boy: Nah why he dope?

Boy: Yea he gonna make it
by MR JC April 22, 2011
a term given by a 26 year old hairstylist from Baton Rouge, LA to minister Jesus Christ in any environment under the sun 24/7 in an effort to assessory pray. While in beauty school during personal trials and tribulations caused by Sept 11 th she began to follow Christ after hearing as song Open My Heart by Yolanda Adams on the local radio. Now, after surviving Hurricane Katrina getting her life balanced she can use her gift without any limits. Any positive statement will be a start to impact the moral attitude of the world. She began pray without ceasing and finally discovered online Urban Dictionalry where she could start a movement. The J and C alphabet exists Sept 10, 2008. She just uses them as acronymn She plans to use the anointing of her gift hairstyling marketing to upcoming celebrities on myspace by yeilding to the HOLY SPIRIT.

Please Repent and Do his will! Judgement Day is at hand!Just refernce the movement as a of a MODERN DAY GLADIATOR!
J.C. and I have a personal relationship so if I repent I will not go to hell?
Your booty will burn eternally if you go to hell?
by Dawna "PRODIGY" Hamilton September 10, 2007
Another stupid abbreviation used in internet/chat second in uselessness only to nm. JC is the abbreviation for 'just chillin' used by wanabe gangstas and really lazy people.
person 1: sup fag?
person 2: jc n u?
by Knoxy July 28, 2006
June Cleaver - Mother's Day short speak.
Can also refer to Joan Crawford (ala Mommie Dearest).
Man your mom is so JC.
by T Wade May 07, 2005
The slang term for the toughest motha-fu*ker in existence. Biach is wicked-scary.
an also be used in reference to bling and the act of 'chillin' in one's hood or crib(yo).
"Yo JC, What-up ma brotha?"... "JC digs that bling...twinkle twinkle"
by Michelle March 09, 2005
1: verb; to be just chilling with someone you like.

2: noun; a person named JC is an idiot and that's probably not their real name.

3: adjective; used to describe something totally cool.
1: "Hey, what's up?"
"Nothing much, jc!"

2: "Ugh, here comes that idiot..."
"Oh, do you mean J.C.? That's not even
his real name!"

3: "Wow! Is that a new phone?"
"Yeah! It's so jc!"
by jcmaster321 March 05, 2009
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