shortened for "Just curious"

often used in instant messages and texts.
"Hey y did u go on uban dictionary?"
"I was jc"
by Nameless0 July 22, 2009
JC is an acronym for "Just Chilling". Can be used as an adjective or a verb. Used in the verb sense, it means that you are just going along for the ride, or just hanging somewhere. In the adjective sense, it implies someone who is calm and collected all the time, and who never gets upset about anything.
Nick: I'm JCing at the club, want to come?
Harold: Derek is such a JC
by Prometheus Whist June 05, 2009
Joint cruise, when you cruise around the coolest spot in your city and smoke a joint.
"Hey man let's go up to the heights for a J C"
by LORD ZOG August 13, 2007
1. just chillin
2. just curious
1. dude1: sup?

dude2: nm, jc
2. chick1: why do u like that piece of shit?

chik2: y would u say that?!

chick1: sorry, jc
by blarglefest June 10, 2011
JC!(Jiminy Cricket) is used by people to express the word "Oh My God" (OMG), because we all know how boring OMG can get, so just use JIMINY CRICKET!
JC! I love that top on you!

OH MY JIMINY CRICKET! You fucked who last night?!?!?
by ilana yr mama February 12, 2009
Verb (from the noun Jennifer Chan):

1. The act of killing someone on a bottom bunk, caused by collapse of the bed from having bed-rocking sex on the top bunk, as in the case the original perpetrator, Jennifer Chan, or as seen on 1000 Ways to Die. This is the opposite of a dormgasm experience.

2. To kill someone in an equally gruesome (or humorous) manner, if not by the method described above, usually preceded by a threat with one's thumb pointed at the potential victim instead of the index finger.
Shela: Hey, what happened to Stephanie?
Vic: She got JC'd.

Winnie: Hey Jennifer look, chocolate! You know you want
some ;)
Jennifer: I'm gonna JC you! *points thumb*
by Vizzy1 April 03, 2011
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