usualy refers to a females hair after having Just Been Fucked.
by HNC September 24, 2003
Top Definition
JBF is an acronym for Just Been Fucked. This is usually used in the context of a persons appearance after having sex, and is most commonly used in the past tense (1). It can also be used to described messed up hair in general (2).
1. Whoa! She's JBFed.
2. Tom has perpetually JBFed hair.
by k317h July 23, 2004
Just butt-fucking. As in just kidding around.
"JBF, it means I'm 'just butt-fucking' with you. Just kidding, you know."
by Gary Shteyngart's Lamest Fan September 11, 2010
Short for "Jonas Brothers Family," it refers to groups of girls who have stalked the Jonas Brothers (and have, perhaps, actually met them) together, and now feel a special bond.
Omg, I'm going on a hike with my JBF :]] (P.S. i met Nick Jonas.!!)
by Connor : D January 30, 2010
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