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the correct spelling for the letter "H"
I lost the fucking spelling bee because I didn't know that the letter "H" was spelled A-I-T-C-H
by The Unsilent Majority June 29, 2003
verb. aitched, aitching

To be angry enough to cause somebody to have a breakdown.
Whats that guy doing crying in the corner?

He's just been aitched for getting the answer wrong.
by clarkk January 28, 2008
Also known as Habib Anibaba, Me and my girlfriends had a 4-way with Habib and he is so amazing in bed,plus he is a super cool producer, and he did not write this.
I dont just want to be cool, I want to be Aitch cool! But that is unlikely as I am not Habib Anibaba
by Not Habib Anibaba February 25, 2005
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