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a cooler way of spelling out jk and you'll make more friends this way
friend: NOOO YOU CANT!!!
me: dont worry about it. i'm just jay kaying you
friend: wow your cool and i want to be your friend
by gonetotallymad April 03, 2007
10 7
Having 7-10 assignations every week with different women, and lying to all of them. Getting out of one woman's bed to go to another one's. Eating Viagra like M&Ms. Never using a woman's name, always calling them endearments or common nicknames.
That jerk jaykayed me, and I was a moron to fall for it.

He's in rehab for jaykaying.

He's just on that website to jaykay.

Gotta run, I'm jaykaying a new one this evening.
by Inna Synt January 29, 2011
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