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Probably the coolest movie ever to exist, comes out on June 6, 2008.
Omg,,,, look I got Kung Fu Panda cereal!!!!

Omg,,, I'm like sooooo jealous of you!

I know!!!
by EmilyFaid May 24, 2008
The coolest movie ever filled with funny laughs and great humor. Best line is
Kung Fu Panda: "AHHH!!!! My Tenders!!!"
by JesusLovesMe131 November 24, 2008
1.A fat-ass man usually around 400 lbs. that claims to know kung fu.
2. A fucking idiot
Did you see the fat ass in the kung fu stance with a Twinkie in his mouth. That must be Kung Fu Panda
by BrotherBob March 08, 2013
When you are fucking a fat girl in the ass doggie style wearing a Panda mask. However for this act to be done properly, she must have a bamboo stick in her mouth and you hold onto the ends like you are riding the cow she is.
I lent my friend Eric a panda mask because he was going to go all out Kung Fu Panda on some fat slut he found on Craigslist.
by Matty Matarangelo October 20, 2008