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What EVERY hispanic girl named Veronica nicknames herself to be "ORIGINAL".
Hey Vee, I tried to look you up on Facebook last night but there were 158,356,289 of you! And that was just in Miami!
by BUSTINAMOVE November 19, 2008
Girl pee. It derives from the fact that it's called "pee" for boys because we have a penis. So when a girl has to pee it's called "vee" for vagina.
Katie really has to vee, pull over!
by girlpee April 07, 2010
A word to express greatness and a certain "wow" factor.
Wow that was totally vee!
by Neil Kemp September 12, 2006
Vicodin. A prescription drug medicine with acetaphedamine and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is said to give the user a heroine like high. The drug is becoming a big problem on the streets, worst in Jersey and NY
Yo how many vees can i get for twenty bucks?
by Lisa111 October 11, 2007
Vee means someone who discovered drinking and is usually a one shot wonder when it comes to hard liquor.
Hey you must be VEE, one shot wonder boy!
by james January 22, 2004
Abverb, the correct way (some may say) of saying "v" which is a abreviation of very.
'Those shoes are v sexy'
'I think you mean vee sexy, yo'
by I wore your mum as a hat September 11, 2009
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