A wonderful, perfect, supah fly chick who's always there for everyone, even her wonderful pet fishstick, and his girlfriend, eelaina. SHE LOVES EVERYONE. The best. The flyest. Everyone loves her too. Especially children.
Mom: Damn it! I need a babysitter!
Kid: Call Jasmine!

Hot guy: I love that Jasmine.
Other hot guy: Don't we all, brah, don't we all.
by lovinglots<3 June 08, 2011
Jasmine is a fun, cool, pretty, nice, fashionable, stylish girl with black hair and brown eyes who believes in the paranormal. She is a great friend and any guy would want to have her as a girlfriend, but only the lucky one gets her.
Jasmine was so cool at the party last night.
That girl is so amazing, she must be a Jasmine.
by Makena Stan December 08, 2014
A silly mexican with a sexy dad and the most perfectist bestest friend ever and ever (also known as a Jordana).
Boy: "yo man i need me some tacos"
Girl: "thats cool we'll just go find that amazing Jordana cus Jasmines always following her like a sheep"
Boy: "why do we need that cretin Jasmine?"
Girl: "cus she make da finest mexican food around!!"
by percy jackson January 22, 2013
Jasmine is a pretty name,so is jasmine she can be a real bitch tho sometimes,she always has drama in her life and always got some bitches ass to beat up she loses her friends,and she will go to jail once in her lifetime she may seem like she doesent have feeling but deep down she does and her BFF will always be Alayah but they may fight,and shes a bad ass and big boobs and ass.
Jasmine got in a fight.
by nevertold01 February 14, 2015
n. The deadliest flower, the sweet-smelling yellow jasmine can kill within ten hours if steeped in boiling water and imbibed as a tea.

Therefore, metaphorically, a "gilded jasmine" is an individual wanted dead or alive for reasons of a complex and classified nature: treasonous activity, terrorist aspirations, and murder in cold blood. Extremely dangerous, she should be approached with caution if not intense trepidation.
"Jasmine may seem soft and fluffy, but she will bite and she will decapitate."

"Did you say she put YELLOW jasmine in the tea? Get to an ER, now!"
by anjali666 December 09, 2007
A self obsessive time waster who cant value anything above herself.
Friend 1 "Why is Jasmine asking about the party?"
Friend 2 "idk, She just kinda tried inviting herself not knowing the NO PLUS 1 rule"
Friend 1 "Wow. Does she actually feel so important to everyone?"
by legitandanonymous January 01, 2015
Stupid, annoying arrogant bitch, this awful ass sniffing wanker usually spends her time in her room on her phone, other than that you find her outside at night trying to find babies to munch on, although she is an utter cunt, she some how can be very kind at times, and is nice when you don't spend too much time around her, if she was an animal, she would be an ass.
Guy#1 wow that girl is very kind and generous.

Guy#2 she's not really, she's sort of a jasmine,
by Ninjacringa January 08, 2015

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