A wonderful, perfect, supah fly chick who's always there for everyone, even her wonderful pet fishstick, and his girlfriend, eelaina. SHE LOVES EVERYONE. The best. The flyest. Everyone loves her too. Especially children.
Mom: Damn it! I need a babysitter!
Kid: Call Jasmine!

Hot guy: I love that Jasmine.
Other hot guy: Don't we all, brah, don't we all.
by lovinglots<3 June 08, 2011
Jasmine is a fun, cool, pretty, nice, fashionable, stylish girl with black hair and brown eyes who believes in the paranormal. She is a great friend and any guy would want to have her as a girlfriend, but only the lucky one gets her.
Jasmine was so cool at the party last night.
That girl is so amazing, she must be a Jasmine.
by Makena Stan December 08, 2014
a very beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. Typically a very loud person with a great personality. She has a heart of gold, and has average intelligence, and is completely amazing in every way possible
Girl 1: "I love Jasmine so much!"
Girl 2: "Same, she's such a sweetheart"
by BobitaLovesBob April 16, 2015
A very pretty woman who's fun to be around. She's lovable, popular, adorable, and charming.
"Have met Jasmine?" she asked. "Yep! She's so pretty" the girl replied.
by Daydreamer2001 May 17, 2015
A silly mexican with a sexy dad and the most perfectist bestest friend ever and ever (also known as a Jordana).
Boy: "yo man i need me some tacos"
Girl: "thats cool we'll just go find that amazing Jordana cus Jasmines always following her like a sheep"
Boy: "why do we need that cretin Jasmine?"
Girl: "cus she make da finest mexican food around!!"
by percy jackson January 22, 2013
Royalty, preferably a Queen
She was the 21st Jasmine of England
by LocoForCoco February 28, 2015

There a lot of meanings, so you need to find the one that seems most suitable:

1. A delicate, kind, sweet person just like the flower.
2. A tough, mean, stubborn idiot (in some rare cases).
3. Most people want to be her and a lot of people like her.
4. She likes lots of people, but not many of them really like her.
Person 1: Wow her name is actually Jasmine!
Person 2: Is that a good thing?
Person 1: You bet it is! She's so lucky!
Person 3: Good thing? Not all the time!
Person 2: What do you both mean?
Person 3: You can't tell who she is by her name. She could be an idiot.
Person 1: And she could not be! It all depends!
Jasmine: Um, hello? I'm right here.
by CandyCurlz February 09, 2015

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