Jasmine is know for being nice and kind. She has the most amazing eyes ever ! She has a PERFECT body. Jasmines are usually loving, caring, and faithful in any relationship. Guys always want her and are always trying to get with her. She is a stoner and likes to party. Jasmines know how to have fun ! They can always put a smile on your face :D Once jasmine is your friend she will always stay true to you. Jasmines have good fighting skills and once you mess with her or her family you wish you were never born ! Jasmine is a very popular girl and everyone trys to be her friend or fit in with her. Jasmine is just Jasmine.
Girl: Whos that girl ?
Other Girl: Shes Jasmine the most popular girl ever !
Girl: I wanna be her friend !
by Jasmine321 November 10, 2013
Jasmine is the most amazing homie. Times spent with her are hilarious. Every memory is wid her is hilarious. She always has your back, no matter what and will hate anyone who fucks you over. Not only that, she's gorgeous (though she thinks she's ugly) and has an amazing figure and fantastic knees, which everyone is jel of! (her hair is also awesome)
girl 1: omg, look at how hard they're laughing. That girl must be a Jasmine.

girl 2: yeah, she definitely is, look how pretty and slim she is!

*both go and bury their heads in sand from jealousy*
by rahrahrah February 14, 2012
loved by all especially people beggining with the latter 'T'. will never realise how amazing she is and will always be that amazing and more! she is very beautiful, kind, loving funny, charasmatic and a lot of fun to be with and any body she likes/loves should feel very special.
"did you hear that jasmine s likes him" -- "wow shes so amazing...hes a lucky guy"
by tommyfallout3 May 09, 2010
a really good best friend, loyal and trustworthy, clumsy, extremely organized, VERY impatient, not skinny but not fat, usually short, pessimistic but sometimes optimistic, fun to be with, loud and crazy, girls wanna be her and guys wanna have her, guys would do about anything for her, independent, hard to get over, never replaced, unforgettable, irreplaceable, a procrastinator but at the same time hard-working, funny in her own way, a bully.
i wanna be like jasmine.
by mynamesnotjasmine June 12, 2011
A stunning and gorgeous girl. One who will always be there for you no matter what. She's not afraid to speak the truth. She's a very confident girl. She doesn't care what people think of her. When she falls for someone,she falls hard. But she's a strong girl. She gives the best advice. She's very outgoing and likeable, all the boys like her. She lcan be very competitive at sports but she is amazing. Loud,funny,everyone has a great time when they're with her. She's very trustworthy. All the girls want to be her.
"I wish I looked like jasmine"
"She looked stunning"
"I swear all the boys like her"
by Hdheisksjdhhddjjsskjsj October 24, 2013
jasmine o morning prefect.
by swagggar August 15, 2011
An extremely sexy girl. More often than not, a Jasmine will be a Mexican.Jasmine's are very hot and are hard to keep your hands off. They make excellent girlfriends that are very caring and dependable
person-1:Dude have you busted a nut on Jasmine yet? Stop slacking on your mackin!
person-2: Bro, hold up, THAT'S WHAT TONIGHT IS FOR!!!!
by Sinjin S October 29, 2007
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