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Loving, Caring, Sweet, Intelligent, Great at everything he/she does. Superstar in the making. And also ladies normally have a huge dick
Taj is great
by Taj November 02, 2014
A word to be used when describing who cool someone/something is/looks/feel/talks/tastes
"That guy is so Taj!"

"OMG!You look so Taj right now!"

"That skirt is so Taj-ing"

"This icecream is so Taj"

by a guy named Taj January 01, 2009
Taj is the greatest guy you will ever meet. He is super cute, loving and caring. He's very athletic and has a bright future in sports. Taj mostly plays basketball alot and is very loyal.
Uuugh i wish my boyfriend was Taj.
by Urban Dictionary President June 28, 2016
A haircut where you shave the lower half of your head and grow out the top

By Joshalot
Boy 1: Did you get a haircut?
Boy 2: Yea, I got a Taj!
by Wither_Lord08 November 04, 2015
Take A Joke.
Bella: Dude yo mommas so fat she could be the eighth continent.
Amy: What the hell man, thats my mom your talking about .
Bella: Damn Taj man! I was kidding!
by Amysauruss January 26, 2010
A kid who is usually gay and looks like a rat. Also he has yellow teeth and a unibrow.
Dom: Damn did you see that Taj over there?
Mehtaab: Damn! That's one hairy ass rat-boy. He walks like he has a dick up his ass.
by Ayy lamao November 25, 2015
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