An extremely sexy girl. More often than not, a Jasmine will be a Mexican.Jasmine's are very hot and are hard to keep your hands off. They make excellent girlfriends that are very caring and dependable
person-1:Dude have you busted a nut on Jasmine yet? Stop slacking on your mackin!
person-2: Bro, hold up, THAT'S WHAT TONIGHT IS FOR!!!!
by Sinjin S October 29, 2007
A stunning and gorgeous girl. One who will always be there for you no matter what. She's not afraid to speak the truth. She's a very confident girl. She doesn't care what people think of her. When she falls for someone,she falls hard. But she's a strong girl. She gives the best advice. She's very outgoing and likeable, all the boys like her. She lcan be very competitive at sports but she is amazing. Loud,funny,everyone has a great time when they're with her. She's very trustworthy. All the girls want to be her.
"I wish I looked like jasmine"
"She looked stunning"
"I swear all the boys like her"
by Hdheisksjdhhddjjsskjsj October 24, 2013
Jasmine; Beautiful; Amazing; Funny; Nice; too many words to describe her! Girls wanna be here, guys wanna have her, Love ya Jazzy.

Brooke and Jazz= Best Friends(:
Boy: Oh wow Jasmines lookin' good today!

Other boy: She looks good every day <3
by brooke123321 December 01, 2011
The best person in the world!
Jasmine? Oh, she is the best!
by jazzie1400 October 31, 2013
A flower an/or princess
Jasmine is a wonderful smelling flower! :)
by A squarepants freak June 04, 2013
One of the most amazing humans you could ever meet. A Jasmine has a huge heart and tends to be kind to all who are kind to her. Smart, funny, pretty and sociable, a Jasmine makes for an amazing partner. Although a Jasmine sometimes doubts herself, she uses close friends to support her quest to positivity. She is a wrestler and wants to be a future pilot. Her smile shines like the sun, and her eyes will warm your soul.
There goes Jasmine, her future is going to be great!

Watch out for Jasmine, she's a wrestler.

Jasmine's eyes look like rubies in the sunlight.
by AnAngelInDisguise July 18, 2014
Jasmine is a fun, cool, pretty, nice, fashionable, stylish girl with black hair and brown eyes who believes in the paranormal. She is a great friend and any guy would want to have her as a girlfriend, but only the lucky one gets her.
Jasmine was so cool at the party last night.
That girl is so amazing, she must be a Jasmine.
by Makena Stan December 08, 2014

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