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Hommus (homm-uss/húmm-uss) noun, a useless person who others shun and often award Hommus-Points to. You are able to recognise a hommus by the way his/her mates pick on them while they unsuccessfully attempt to regain their mates' respect, thus increasing hummusness. Symptoms include denial, goofyness and the inability to come up with clever come-backs.
"You are being a complete Hommus!"
"Quit being such a Hommus!"
by onelostmuppet April 03, 2008
hommus is a slang word used as both a minor derogatory and informal welcoming and departing comment within certain beach cultures on the southern coastal towns of Australia's, Gold Coast. The term is also refered to as hello hommus and is in no way intended to describe or reference homosexuality or gay tendancies which it's sometimes sadly internationally mistaken for.
derogatory -
Don't be such a hommus and pass me the tomato sauce

informal welcome -
Hello hommus
Wats going on hommus
by CIZZ February 11, 2007
Homosexual / slang
Fucked up
Something which is not quite right.
Can be used to replace such words as fuck, shit and cunt whilst cursing around small children and other impressionable people.
That guy is so Hommus dude!
What's with that Hommus hairdo Biff?
Fuck dude, that is Hommus.
by Pedro Magnadoodle March 17, 2007
Someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex
"That dude is the biggest hommus!"
"Did you hear Jnr Fat is a hommus these days?"
by PG November 13, 2003
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