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junk, stuff, thing
hey, slob, can you unload all that janx from the dishwasher.
by nemo August 11, 2003
(1) a derogatory term that can be used to describe any of the following: an unkind soul, an old coot (especially wrinkly and/or saggy), a gooch, and anything else that is thought to be unpleasant and/or unnaturally filthy (and/or yucky) in the eyes of the user
(2) anything attached to your downstairs
(3) (adj.) anything thought to be extraordinarily wonderful in equality
Man, did you the janx-fat on that manx sphynx?

Debra stole my pencil case. What a janx!?!?!
That garlic saurce was the janx!
by Janx King April 16, 2010
verb- to steal or to take from a bitch; to burgle.

noun- stuff, thing(s), shit.
Dude, you janxed my chair. (verb)
That nigga janxed my bike. (verb)

What the hell? Where's my janx? (noun)
That nigga stole my janx. (noun)

That nigga janxed my janx. (verb and noun)
by Fagpie McBottoms September 03, 2006
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