Slang word in Northern Ireland. Its basically the equivalent to a Chav in England. Back in the good old days (90s to 2k5) Jants wore tilted caps with tight beaks, striped track bottoms and golden jewellery (coin rings etc.), nowadays the current "Jant" wears flannel shirts, hollister sweat bottoms and converse, sometimes the occasional Nikes. Anyone who keeps it old school like myself, I take my 100% genuine Burberry off to you. All the new school eejits danderin about in hollisters and flannels can suck my P1 Packer. Anyway later.
You dont need an example for a Jant. Its all explained.
by Someweeman June 17, 2011
Top Definition
it is a noun that can be any or everything that you are talkin about and is usually followed by an exclamation point. A better question would be, What isn't a jant?
I'm in this jant!!!
I tapped that jant.
This jant is on point
by JantSquad December 20, 2007
(Has many definitions)
(Richmond Va Slang)

1. A male or female that you find attractive (also known as bum jant.)
2. Jant: Someone that you see walking down the street.
3. Jant-Jant: Someone you met and you chill wit sometimes.(Can be male or female)
4. Boo-Jant: Your jant that you chill with a few times a week.
5. Main Jant: Basically your boyfriend/girlfriend. (The one u go home to every night jant.)
1.We need to holla at some jants in the club tonight mane.

2."Sup Jant"

3."Yeah nigga, I aint doing shit, juss chillin wit the lil Jant-jant right now."

4.Yo, let me call my boo-jant right quick.

5.Nah yo cant even do that, my maint jant be at my spot too much.
by Meka From RichTown-Southside February 06, 2010
Jean pants. Like jorts, but in pants form.
Also known as denim slacks.

The term can be used additionally to describe anything made out of denim by simply replacing the first letter with the letter j.
"Is he wearing jorts?"
"No, he's wearing jants."

"What an awesome jirt. Where did you get it?"
"From that store that only sells denim clothing!"
by czocro November 06, 2012
a word that modifies a girl or boy that you are talkin to or in a relationship with.
damn i want her to be my jant
by pslovemorgan June 13, 2010
Dublin. It means a go, a shot or a ride on something.
Do you fancy a jant on me bike?
by Dar76 April 12, 2015
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