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When someone does you dirty or does something thats messed up. When someone acts stingy with their stuff.
Friend 1 : Hey let me get a piece of that sandwhich, bro.

Friend 2 : No, dude. Go and get your own.

by semi-gay turtle June 21, 2012
A particular situation, location, outfit, meal, or anything of an unusual or suspicious nature.
I stopped to get something to eat today on my way home from work. The carpet was stained, there were holes in the seats and our waitress didn't have any teeth. It was so jank.

My sister colored her hair with Easter Egg Dye because she ran out of hair color. That's jank!
by CamMan February 21, 2013
something or someone that isnt as good as you want it/them to be.
that car is so jank, id never drive that.
that person is jank, i mean can you ever be good enough?
by MugenMartian September 18, 2012
Demopolis, Alabama slang.
To make fun of someone; to burn someone; to insult someone.
"Can't take off her top lookin' boy."

"Ooop, he wanna jank now!"
by kbby September 19, 2008
When something is broken, not good (crappy), unfair towards you, stupid or irelivent.
This is so jank, my phone's jank, are you jank in the head or something?
by NoyBangaa October 22, 2011
Stank junk. What else?
Dude, you'll never get a BJ with that jank your packing. Go wash your dick, you filthy monkey ass.
by Tenacious Faulker May 08, 2009
dirty people, or just a way to negatively talk about someone.
"Those Janks arent worth my time"
"You guys are fucking janks i hate you"
"That girl is so dirty, so janky"
by NeyNa April 07, 2009