The description of a punchy and defined characteristic in bass guitar sound. Jank is particularly apparent when using distortion or overdrive effects.
"This bass does not have enough jank"
"I need it to be more janky"
by Jesuskylie September 04, 2008
noun- male genitalia
verb- to touch you member and rub your hand on anothers face while they're not looking.
noun- thats my jank!
verb- you just got janked fool!
by jerky_dogfart November 12, 2004
vb. 'To jank' is to take something, either by force or by consent.

Also can be used for every other word in the English language.
sorry dude, you can't borrow it because Marcus already janked it.

what is with this jank?

that jank jank is crazy jank.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
something very uncool
She is so jank
by beth September 10, 2003
Adj. - Cheesy and low-budget, bad quality, typically associated with films.
We rented a really jank movie last night. We turned it off because it was so bad.
by Dan July 24, 2003
(fr. "Japanese" + "Yank") A young leftist American, usually male (but can also be any Westerner of either gender), who travels to Japan for the express purpose of shallow cultural dabbling, inflation of self-worth, and the search for a supposed sexual haven; teaches conversational English because he/she has no other marketable skills.
This morning the train station in Nagoya was crawling with Janks on a summer exchange program.
by The 2-Belo May 07, 2003
Anything bad/negative/wrong or to someones dislike....

Stop hitting on my sister, ya friggin jank....
by Jason March 19, 2003

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