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Used alot on the east coast and south,it can mean anything,Bottemline!
"Yo,where that light skin jank at?,I seen you with."
"Let me get a jank for five?"
"That jank was jumpin, My dude!"
"She ate my jank up lastnight"
"Hey bro,Did you eat that jank out?"
by GREENRUNMUZIKENT. October 03, 2011
Negative. "Jank" Crappy, shitty, stupid, etc.
"Get that Jank-ass shit outta here!"
"Take yourself and your jank bot outta this room."
by Aquila December 20, 2003
jank=something screwed up or messed with
janken=something great or fun
jank my lank= anything you want really
janked=stollen or taken

all these can also simply be expressions of any feeling. its truly a great word and its fun to say!
this is jank.
i'm having a janken time at this party jim!
oh jank my lank.
my pencil pouch got janked away by a napper!
by butter and nutter May 14, 2011
To yank a person's junk.
Oh my god, dude! You totally just janked him!
by menari August 10, 2014
On an electronic screen, jank is the phenomenon of a sudden, brief stops in an animation or other motion on the screen. Typically, this is due to the underlying hardware's ability to update the display quickly enough. When an animation or other kind suffers from this problem, the performance is considered "janky".
Look at all that jank when you try to scroll the image horizontally.
by froggie_sf July 27, 2014
Magic: The Gathering slang for a card or deck that isn't good. In fact, Jank can be used for anything that is bad or undesirable or unimpressive.
One with Nothing is total Jank, heck, it might even be worse than Homelands!

Crystal Rod is a very Janky card and you should not use it.
by James1011R June 29, 2014
Sometimes spelled Jankk with two k's

Jank means someone who is really chill they are fine with basically everything that goes around them. All They want is to have a good time.

Also means easy-going or flexible with anything.
James was so jank he didn't care about the big mess his friends were making.
He is definitely jank; I'd like to hang with him.
Jim was cool with switching to the three o'clock movie because he was so jank
by Cathy Tandy <3 February 25, 2014