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something thats messed up, cheep, crappy, broken, Not Up to standards
whoa now that bed was jankity dude.....braw
by s2dadizzle January 25, 2004
When something is in seriously bad condition, yet it still works
the jankity wrench was corroded, but it still fixed the bike
by TheFoxyShazzam September 17, 2010
1)An object or situation that can be descrbied as below par or unsatisfactory.
2)Having qualities of great jankness.
The new heath care reform is jankity.
by jtc105 January 12, 2010
a car that makes a lot of noise due to lose metal pieces, like the bumper or muffler

something that moves in such a way that if it were made out of pieces of metal, it would sound like a jankity car
"that car is jankity" = "that vehicle is in desperate need of repair"


"j-lo's ass is jankity"
by jankity April 06, 2008
Something that really stinks (literally or figuratively).
Whoa...roll down the windows! Catie laid a jankity-ass fart back there.
by nkb November 11, 2005
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