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11 definitions by LooP

Another word for balls, Used in the movie "A Clockwork Orange"
"Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarble, ya eunuch jelly thou!"
– Alex (Malcolm McDowell)
by loop August 09, 2004
beat, fucked up
that tv is all old and doesn't work right, it's janked.

that girl is a nasty whore, she's janked.
by LooP February 19, 2004
hometown of abraham, the founder of judaism
abraham was from ur dude
by loop March 02, 2005
a light coat worn in spring or fall
what your idea of a perfect date?
april 23 its not to hot and its not to cold its perfect for a light jacket
~miss congeniality
by loop February 26, 2005
a cross between a horse and a donkey that pulls carts and boats on canals
i just saw a mule pullin a bread cart
by loop February 25, 2005
the best frickin movie ever made ....gosh!! if u havnt seen it ur the only 1
gime some tots napolean!!
gosh napolean ur brusin my neck meet
uncle rico u retard
comon tina u fat lard...eat!!!
a liger probably my favorit animal a cross between a tiger and a lion with
some magical powers
i built u a cake
i just saw napolean dynamite and its the best flipin movie ever
by loop February 25, 2005
there r many meanings to wtf these r -
1- Wot The Fuk
2- World Teakwondo Foundation
3- Where's the Fly (guy the fly of course)
4- Welcome To Finland
Me - 'WTF?'
hunt - 'wtf we're not in finland'
gabe - 'Teakwondo wtf?'
will - 'wtf ?'
guy - 'im comin!'
by Loop May 04, 2005